Call for Papers

It is known that, scientific disciplines such as geology, geophysics, and reservoir exploration intrinsically use 3D geo-information in their models and simulations. However, 3D geo-information is also urgently needed in many traditional 2D planning areas such as civil engineering, city and infrastructure modeling, architecture, environmental planning etc. Altogether, 3DGeoInfo is an emerging technology that will greatly influence the market within the next few decades. The 9th International 3DGeoInfo Conference aims at bringing together international state-of-the-art researchers and practitioners facilitating the dialogue on emerging topics in the field of 3D geo-information. The conference in Dubai offers an interdisciplinary forum of sub- and above-surface 3D geo-information researchers and practitioners dealing with data acquisition, modeling, management, maintenance, visualization, and analysis of 3D geo-information.

Conference Topics

Among others, the following subjects will be addressed by the conference:

  • 3D data acquisition and processing (e.g. 3D point clouds)
  • 3D ontologies (OWL etc.)
  • 3D districts and neighborhoods
  • 3D data modeling, nD models, geometry and topology
  • 3D geospatial databases
  • 3D visualization, virtual and augmented reality
  • 3D spatial analysis and simulation
  • 3D standards for geospatial technologies
  • 3D spatial data infrastructures and 3D data integration
  • 3D city- and infrastructure modeling
  • 3D indoor and outdoor navigation
  • 3D GIS and BIM
  • 3D city and urban planning, disaster and risk management, environmental simulation, etc.
  • 3D (mobile) GIS, AR systems and applications, 3D GIS and time
  • 3D sub-surface modeling, tools, and applications (e.g. in geology, geophysics, reservoir exploration, etc.)
  • 3D open source software development

Publication Process

All manuscripts were subject to a peer review process. Extended abstracts were published in the conference proceedings by the Conference Chairs as an open access eBook in PDF format, which is now available online via following URN by the German National Library:

Selected accepted full papers will be published within the Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography (LNG&C) series by Springer. Accepted posters will be published online on the conference web-site and can be presented on site.

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